125 kHz LF RFID Long Range Auto-tuning Circuit Reader kit

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125 kHz LF RFID Long Range Auto-tuning Circuit Reader kit

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The LF long range auto-tuning circuit reader RFID system kit consists of a long range reader with a frequency range of 125Khz, has a built-in antenna and provides a long reading range up to 3.28ft (100cm) .This RFID reader is compliant with ISO 18000 standard and communicates via RS232 ,RS485, and Wiegand 26 ports. The kit is widely used for parking and personnel access control applications.

This kit comes with tags which are used for identification/ authentication, access control, transit, parking.

Why buy this kit

The kit can be used for testing purposes in some applications. It can read tags from a distance of 3.28ft (up to 100cm), which can significantly useful for Public transportation, Warehouse, Parking lots, and Electronic ticketing.


* Reader with built-in antenna.

* Reader has high receiving sensitivity, low operating current.

* Reader has stable performance and high reliability.

* Reader with reading range of 3.28ft (up to 100 cm).

* Reader can read EM4001 compatible format ID cards.

* Tags are waterproof and shock resistant.

* Tags are compact in size, and light weight.

This Kit Includes

RFID Reader

ID: 211023

 RFID Tags

This kit may be offered with a different choice of low frequency tags compatible with the reader. Please look at other tags we offer, or contact our Experts for advice.



RFID made in China
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