433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor Zone 0 Compatible

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433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor Zone 0 Compatible

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433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor is a Zone 0 compatible RFID device with an integrated motion sensor. The sensor is battery-powered, has an extensive range of up to 262.47 ft. (80m) in open field and an extended lifecycle of up to 4 years. The sensor feature an ultra-compact and anti-hanging design. 433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor is used to detect vibration levels and trigger alerts or automated commands for vehicle access control in industries like transportation above others.

Technical Features

  • User-definable Tag’s Identifier.
  • Internal long-range motion sensor.
  • ATEX Ex is IIA T6 Ga.
  • High Range: up to 262.467 feet (80 m) (open field).
  • Product lifespan: up to 4 years (according to settings).
  • IP68 Waterproof – White DELRIN Casing.
  • Movement threshold management.
  • Multiple Frame’s emission cycle (alarm mode, sleep mode).
  • Specific ID code’s for Low Level of Battery.
  • Ultra-Compact anti-hanging shape Ø1.417 inches (36 mm) – H: 0.393 inches (10 mm) – W: 0.024 lbs. (11 g).
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Option to encode active RFID badges.
  • Option to control parameters by reading nearby badges.
  • Option to activate /deactivate badge emission for storage and diagnostics.
  • ERW configuration software for active tags and badges.
  • ERW provides contact-free configuration and control of nearby tags.
  • ERW activates and deactivates the device.
  • Software for configuring, viewing, and recording RFID data frames.
  • RFID readers with RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB interfaces.
  • Uses MCHD command codes.
  • Supports Windows XP and higher.



  • 433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor Zone 0 Compatible enables a long-range, battery-powered active RFID tag ATEX compatible (Zone 0), featuring an integrated motion sensor.
  • It is a wireless motion sensor that detects vibration levels to trigger alerts or automated commands for vehicle access control.
  • It is used in an area where the explosion hazard is permanently present (zone 0).





Technical Specifications


Type Specifications
Battery power supply 3.6 VDC – CR2032 Internal battery
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Operating temperature -22°F to +158°F(-30°C to +70°C)
Identifier Data format ID code on 12 bits + 1é bits for movement value (0 to FFF)
Movement alarm level Levee measurement with soft ESTA in real situation

Configurable into the TAG with ERW software

Level value for triggering the alarm – 0 to FFFF

Measurement range Between -2g to +2g with a 1mg/Lsb resolution
ID code’s emission cycle in sleep mode Configuration with soft ERW:                                                   PP: Pre-scalar of cycle time – 0 to FF (0 to 255)
ID code’s emission cycle in Alarm mode Configuration with soft ERW: emission cycle time from 220ms to 12h
Settings Special tool and ERW software
Battery level management Specific code sent at the end of the battery’s life: XXX7FF (XXX: ID code)
Indicative Autonomy Alarm Cycle Time: 1-sec Sleep mode cycle time: 5 sec Prescaler: 05 No movement: 4 years                                                              Frequent movements inferior to the trigger level: 1-year Frequent movements superior to the trigger level: 0,5 year
Housing Size: Ø1.417inches(36mm) base – thickness 0.393inches(10mm)

Weight: 0.024 lbs. (11 g)

Material: Delrin

Mounting: ∅ 0.118 inches (3 mm) 2 holes, spaced of 1.259 inches (32 mm)

Standards EN 301 489 – 3: 2002 V1.4.1

EN 300 220 – 2007: V2.1.2

RoHS Certified


Standard Packaging list


No. Standard Item Quantity
1. Main Unit 1
2. Sensor Holder Sticker 1


RFID made in China
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