433 MHz Active RFID Badge Reader Counting Entries & Exits

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433 MHz Active RFID Badge Reader Counting Entries & Exits

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The 433 MHz active RFID badge reader with two external antennas enables automated tracking of RFID badges. The directional antennas featured in this device detects the direction of the passage of the RFID badge and provides localization between two contiguous identification zones. It is widely used as a hands-free access control solution to automatically track the movement of the personnel in various industries, such as construction and manufacturing.


Technical Features

  • Active RFID double readers.
  • RS232 / RS485 / RS422 interfaces (IP option available).
  • Bidirectional traffic detection, Entrances/Exits management.
  • External Power Supply: 12VDC or 230VAC.
  • 2 antenna sockets A and B.
  • Long-range: up to 328.083 ft. (100 m), adjustable 433 or 868 MHz.
  • Access Control Protocols – WIEGAND and DATA and CLOCK (2 independent ways).
  • Configuration by RS232 or internal LCD panel (2*16).
  • ABS White Housing 7.086 × 3.543 × 7.165 inches (180 × 90 × 182 mm).
  • Software for configuring, viewing, and recording RFID data frames.
  • RFID readers with RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB interfaces.
  • Uses MCHD command codes.
  • Supports Windows XP and higher.



  • 433 MHz Active RFID Badge Reader Counts Entries Exits enables an active RFID reader featuring connections for two external antennas. When used with directional antennas, this automation tool detects the direction of passage for active RFID badges.
  • Localization of RFID badges between two contiguous identification zones.
  • Automated inventory of objects marked with RFID over a very large reading zone.
  • It’s used to automatically count people on construction sites, and as a hands-free access control solution.


Technical Specifications


Type Specifications
On-board power supply 6 to 12 VDC or 230VAC
Average current 80 mA @ 6V (2VA @ 230VAC)
Operating temperature -4°F to +140°F(-20°C to +60°C)
Receiving range Adjustable up to 262.467feet(80m) (open field)
On-Board connectors Pluggable Screw connectors
Output Protocols (for UTP DIFF2W) WIEGAND CLOCK and DATA
Data 0 DATA
Data 1 CLOCK
PRESENCE (OPEN collector) PRESENCE (OPEN collector)
Data Format 26 bits 10 or 13 characters
Serial Interface 1 RS232 or RS485
Access Control Option 2 independent ways (badges for the entrance and for the exit)
Connectivity Option External IP converter
Antenna Connectors 2 BNC female connectors for directive RFID antenna (SLENDER)
Casing ABS, waterproof, W = 7.086 inches (180 mm) / H = 3.543 inches (90 mm) / L = 7.204 inches (183 mm)
Standards EN 301 489 – 3: 2002 V1.4.1

EN 300 220 – 2007: V2.1.2

RoHS Certified


Standard Packaging list


No. Standard Item Quantity
1. Main Unit 1
2. Coaxial Cable BNC SMA 1
3. RS 485/ TPC/IP Converter 1



RFID made in China
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