860-960 MHz UHF RFID Reader Kit for Asset Tracking

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860-960 MHz UHF RFID Reader Kit for Asset Tracking

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This ultra-high frequency reader kit is projected for a user to evaluate an ultrahigh frequency RFID reader. This kit can be used for testing or demonstrating of asset tracking system. The bundle includes multiple tags with various features and form factors which can be used for testing purposes. It consists of a unique reader operating at 860-960 MHz frequency and provides a considerable range of 10-16 ft. (3-5 m) and also a high read rate.

Why Buy this Kit

A user can track and monitor your assets quickly and accurately by using this kit. The RFID tags such asset tag, mini mount-on-metal tag, laundry tag and beacon tag included in the kit are particularly suitable for asset tracking applications. This portable reader features a swivel read head to allow for the best read rates regardless of tag orientation and for comfortable operation by the user.


  • Reader flexibly connects with hosts through Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Reader easily connects with smart phones, PDAs, laptops, desktops
  • Kit is suitable for applications that need UHF gen 2 mobile handheld tracking terminals.
  • Kit supports global UHF RFID frequency range.

This Kit Includes

RFID Reader

ID: 246008

 RFID Tags

 This kit may be offered with a different choice of active frequency tags compatible with the reader. Please look at other tags we offer or contact our expert for advice.


RFID made in China
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