902-928 MHz 9dBic RHCP Reader Antenna

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902-928 MHz 9dBic RHCP Reader Antenna

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This UHF 902-928 MHz 9dBic RHCP RFID Antenna circular polarization is designed for side or overhead mounting and delivers highly reliable read rates.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range 902 to 928 MHz
Gain 9 dBi (min)
VSWR 1.5 : 1 (max)
Polarization RHCP
3db elevation beamwidth 63° (typ)
3db azimuth beamwidth 63° (typ)
Sidelobes level @ ± 90º -16 dB (max)
F/b ratio -18 dB (max) -20 dB (typ)
Power 6W (max)
Input impedance 50 (ohm)
Axial ratio at boresight 4 dB (max)
Lightning protection DC Grounded
Dimensions (lxwxd) 305x305x25mm (max)
Connector Cable with connector SMA Female length 150mm
Weight 1.2 (kg) (max)
Radome material Plastic
Base plate material Aluminum with chemical conversion coating


Test Standard Duration Temperature Notes
Low temperature IEC 68-2-1 72 h -55°C
High temperature IEC 68-2-2 72 h +71°C
Temp. Cycling IEC 68-2-14 1 h -45°C +70°C 3 Cycles
Vibration IEC 60721-3-4 30 min/axis Random4M3
Shock mechanical IEC 60721-3-4 4M3
Humidity ETSI EN300-2-4 T4.1E 144 h 95%
Water tightness IEC 529 IP54
Solar radiation  ASTM G53  1000h
Flammability  UL 94  Class HB
Salt spray IEC 68-2-11 Ka 500h
Ice and snow 25mm Radial
Wind speed survival operation  220 Km/h

160 Km/h

Wind load (survival)

Front thrust

Side thrust

26.8 kg

2.2 kg



Azimuth radiation pattern midband

Freq. 0.918 GHz


Elevation radiation pattern midband

Freq. 0.918 GHZ






RFID made in China
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