UHF RFID Mount-on Metal Tag

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UHF RFID Mount-on Metal Tag

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This passive UHF RFID mount-on metal tag is compliant with EPC global Class 1 Generation 2 (C1G2) Ver.1.2.0 (860 MHz to 960 MHz) and provides reliable performance on metal applications. It features high speed transmission and anti-collision function.

Key Features

  • UHF EPC Class1 Gen 2 & ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C
  • Fujitsu MB97R803A chip
  • Withstands gamma ray up to 45K gy
  • FCC version
  • (W)152mm*(H)30mm*(T)4mm
  • ETSI version:
  • (W)163mm*(H)30mm*(T)4mm
  • Read up to 5.5 meter on metal
  • Read up to 4.0 meter on non-metal
  • High-speed data transmission
  • R/W → Tag: 26.7 kbps to 128 kbps (when the counts of data 0 and 1 are equal)
  • Tag → R/W: 40 kbps to 640 kbps
  • DSB-ASK, SSB-ASK, PR-ASK modulation
  • Anti-collision function
  • Frequency Hopping
  • BlockPermalock: User memory area can be locked from writing in unit of 1 block (16 bits).
  • ReadLock (custom command): User memory area can be locked from reading in unit of 1 Area (256 bits)
  • FRAM 4 Kbytes (4,096 bytes): High speed read/write Non-volatile memory
  • User Memory Area: 3,424 bytes
  • System Memory Area (including Reserved, EPC, and TID): 672 bytes
  • Read/Write Endurance: 10^10 times
  • Memory Data Retention: 10years (+ 55 °C)

Technical Specifications


Basic information
Chip memory EPC 560bits, User 27,392bits, TID 25bits, Reserved 64bits, Lock 16bits, Read lock 112bits, BPL(Block Permanent Lock) 1,712bits
Material Glass fiber – PCB FR4
Antenna Gold plated etched copper
Chip attachment Aluminum wire bonding
RoHS 100% compliant
Warranty 18 months
(Up to) Meters Fixed reader Handheld reader
On metal 5.5 m 2.5 m
On non-metal 4.0 m 1.5 m
Reader – 30dBm | Circularly polarized antenna – 6dBi
Gamma ray Up to 40K gy
Temperature Operating °C -40<>85 | Storage °C -55<>180 | Peak °C 200 6hrs
IP Classification IP68 (tested for 24hrs in 1meter depth)
Humidity 85°C/85%RH (tested for 168hrs)
Boiling water Tested in boiling water for 24hrs
Pressure Tested with 50 trials x 1 kilogram iron ball free falling on tag
Vibration IEC60068-2-6/64
Chemicals Salt water (salinity 10%, 24hrs) | NaOH (10%, pH13, 24hrs) | Sulfuric acid (10%, pH2, 24hrs) | Motor oil (24hrs) | Methanol (24hrs) | Ethanol (24hrs) | etc.
Attaching method
Backing adhesive tape 3M 468MP
For >150°C application, other adhesive tape will be suggested.
Glue Cemedine Super X (Japan) or Loctite’s epoxy glue
Metal fastener Metal or non metal bolt or screw with size M4
Metal bracket Stainless steel bracket (for welding) or aluminum
Added service
Chip pre-programming T.B.D.
Customized labeling Human readable text& variable code, barcode (1D& 2D), Multi color
Laser engraving Human readable text& variable code, barcode (1D& 2D)
Direct printing Human readable fixed text& code, Multi color


RFID made in China
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