Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag

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Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag

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The  Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag measuring at 1 7/8” x 5/8” is a great solution to your identification projects that require a small RFID tag with great read range. With a tiny footprint and low pro-file (57 mils.), the 116321 easily fits where other tags are too big and obtrusive.

Supplying up to 9 ft. of read range on metal and 4-5 ft. on plastic, wood and glass, the 116321 provides incredible read ranges compared to other tags in its class. Its non-rigid, durable, foam core and polyester construction sets the 116321 apart from molded RFID tags allowing for greater flexibility in tag placement.

Developed using the same premise as our original RFID Asset Tag, the 116321 is a surface-independent using a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of mounting surface.

The 116321 also can be subsurface printed protecting any copy, logo and/or barcode against moderate solvents and caustics. Additionally, our four-color processing capabilities allow you to promote your company with a label that shows off your company’s logo and style.

Main Features:


  • Extremely small footprint and thin profile while still achieving excellent read range
  • Custom engineered foam core designed specifically to obtain optimum read distances
  • Patented inlay design provides excellent read ranges regard-less of surface material–metal, plastic, glass, even wood
  • Subsurface printing on durable polyester protects printed copy against moderate solvents and caustics/acids
  • Digital printing process provides for greater print capability with detailed logos or special designs




Label Copy

The label copy may include block type, stylized type, logos or other designs. All copy, block type, stylized type, logos, designs, and barcode are subsurface printed
Colors Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green and blue. Due to contrast needed for the barcode scanner, all bar codes are black


Barcode and human-readable equivalent are produced using the latest high-resolution digital technology available, which provides excellent clarity and easy scanning. Code 39 is the standard symbol with a range of 2.7 to 9.4 CPI (characters per inch). Optional linear and 2D symbols available



The barcode and human readable can be programmed into the RFID inlay as long as the information is in decimal or hexadecimal (A-F, 0-9) format. GAORFID custom encodes your information to EPC and user memory banks. If desired, we can encode information that differs from the barcode and human readable


All Universal RFID tags are password locked. The password can be designated by GAORFID, or, if desired, the customer can designate their own specific password


Custom designed UHF inlay uses Alien Higgs-EC chip optimized for use at 865MHz or 915 MHZ

Standard Size

1 7/8” x 5/8”



Standard Adhesive

Pressure-sensitive acrylic (MC778), .002” thick supported by a liner. Very high peel strength that provides excellent resistance to heat and chemicals. Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 400°F (intermittent). Shelf life of 24 months when stored at 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity
RFID made in China
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