Wiegand to Ethernet Smart Controller

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Wiegand to Ethernet Smart Controller

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GAORFID 491018 Smart Controller is a smart and easy-to-use Ethernet access controller that can be fitted to two doors or access points. It is able to connect any kind of Wiegand devices such as Wiegand type RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers or fingerprint readers etc. The 491018 has two working modes – Off-Line and On-Line mode. The Off-Line mode allows the controller to work independently, users can use our utility software to change settings of the device through over the network. Such as download tag lists, set filter list, set time zones, etc. so that the controller will work standalone for the access control purpose. For the On-line mode, users are able to get the real time data sent from the controller via TCP/IP, so that users will have the capability to integrate the real time data into their own software apps.


Features & Benefits

  • Supports TWO Wiegand input devices
  • and 2 doors access management
  • Features 2 input sensors for the
  • detection of incorrectly closed or unlocked door
  • 3 LED design for signal feedback
  • Up to 30,000 ID numbers of people
  • management (white list)
  • Up to 60,000 records memory storage
  • Time zone management for every person
  • All settings can be configured via network
  • Real time capability


Power Requirements:                                             5.5mm/2.1mm, DC 9v to 24v, 120mA@12v Time Base:                                                                Real Time Clock Relay:                                                                         2 x Relay : Max 2A, 12V Output Interface:                                                      Ethernet Number of the Filter List:                                        30,000 Number of record:                                                    60,000 Operation temperature:                                           0~55 degree C Relative humidity:                                                    5~95% RH Dimensions:                                                             (L)100 x (H) 96.8 x (D) 24.35mm

RFID made in China
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